The Training Division of Groveland Fire Rescue is responsible for developing, implementing, and executing a comprehensive training program for the Fire Department. The division works to shape this program to include training in structural firefighting, emergency medical services, hazardous materials, motor vehicle accidents, unconventional rescues, and joint agency training. The Training Division is led by the Training Officer, who ensures that all Firefighters are in compliance with standards set forth by NFPA 1001 in regards to minimum training standards for interior structural firefighting, as well as training in other areas of operation. The TO develops training schedules and works with the EMS Officer to ensure that training standards for EMS are met. Through this planning and collaboration, Groveland Fire Rescue maintains a high level of proficiency to perform the tasks that the public calls on us to perform.

The Training Officer for Groveland Fire Rescue is Lieutenant Stephen Merrill. Lieutenant Merrill was appointed to the Groveland Fire Department in 2010 and promoted to Lieutenant in 2019. He is a Massachusetts Certified EMT, along with holding Firefighter 1 & 2 certification.

The Training Division members are Lt. Stephen Merrill, Assistant Chief Kurt Ruchala, Lt. David Evans, and FF Al Credit.