Under town by- laws, it is required that all homeowners abide by the house numbering requirements set forth by the Fire Department:

Sec.  6-1.  Building numbering.

(a)  Any person owning property in the Town of Groveland with a building or buildings situated thereon and assigned a permanent identifying number(s) by the Town shall affix said number(s) in such manner that it is visible from the roadway.  Buildings not visible from the roadway shall have number(s) posted adjacent to the entrance of the property, either by affixing to a mailbox or other permanent fixtures.  Within 60 days after acceptance of this Bylaw all owners must affix said numbers of not less than 4″ in height.

Violation of this Bylaw shall consist of the following penalties:

lst offense – Warning

2nd and subsequent offenses – $25.00 per month for each month said violation continues to exist.

House number requirements also are subject to enforcement on the state level under MGL Chapter 148 section 59.

Every Firefighter/Police Officer has at one time been unable to get to a scene in a timely manner due to there being no house number visible from the road or entrance to the property. This is frustrating for all involved and can be easily fixed. While there is a minimum requirement set forth for number size, we suggest placing numbers on your property that are as big as possible.