The Groveland Firefighters Association is made up of current and former members of Groveland Fire Rescue. The Firefighters of the Town of Groveland, MA are committed to serving the residents of Groveland and the surrounding communities. Through the Association, the Firefighters and associate members hope to bring about meaningful interaction with members of the public, through charitable giving and public outreach. The GFFA is a 501(c)4 non-profit organization separate from the Groveland Fire Department. 

“It is the mission of the Groveland Firefighters Association to foster a positive and beneficial relationship between the Groveland Firefighters and community in which they serve through charitable events and the promotion of the public safety.”

The Association will make it a priority whenever possible to improve the firefighting equipment and apparatus/personnel quarters of Groveland Fire Rescue with available funds and when appropriate.

All members of the Association look forward to getting to know all of the residents of our town and working towards a safe and productive community.

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