Open burning in Groveland is regulated by the state and is enforced by the Fire Chief and Firefighters. If done safely and within limits, open burning assists homeowners with yard cleanup of unwanted materials. If not done safely, brush fires can and will occur, leading to environmental and personal property damage. The following town by-law WILL be enforced.

A Burning Permit must be obtained through application with the Groveland Fire Department.  Open burning of certain allowable materials may only be conducted during the period of January 15th through April 30th of each year in accordance with Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection regulations on file with the Groveland Fire Department.

Violation of this Bylaw shall consist of the following penalties

lst offense – Warning
2nd and subsequent offenses – $50.00<

The Fire Chief has the authority to cancel open burning on any day during the open burning season if weather conditions are not optimal. To register or activate your burn permit, go here.

For tips on how to make open burning season safe, visit the NFPA Open Burning website.