Groveland Fire Rescue trains regularly in emergency medical services. One training night per month is dedicated solely to EMS operations. In addition to this, members attend classes offered outside of the department to retain, enhance, and gain new skills.

Our in house training consists of a mix of classroom lectures, scenario based training, and practical application of skills. All department personnel renew their CPR/AED certification annually. EMT’s are required to renew their certifications every 2 years. The EMS Officer works closely with the Training Officer to develop and execute the in house EMS training program.

Topics covered during training include:

  • Medical Emergencies (Heart attack, stroke, respiratory emergencies, allergic reactions, diabetic emergencies, narcotic overdoses etc.)
  • Trauma (Falls, spinal injuries, motor vehicle accidents, bleeding control, head injuries, eye injuries etc.)
  • Special Populations (Training specific to pediatric patients, geriatric patients, patients with mental disabilities, physically disabled patients).
  • Annual CPR/AED re-certification.