The Fire Prevention Officer (FPO) is responsible for fire inspections and code enforcement. This individual reports directly to the Fire Chief. While the Chief makes final decisions related to fire code in Groveland, the FPO is the first contact for issues related to fire code and inspections. The FPO is responsible for keeping up with all relevant fire code updates, schedules inspections, performing inspections, and consulting with homeowners and businesses to assist with code related issues. The FPO oversees two other members who also conduct many of the above mentioned duties. Collectively, these three individuals make up the Fire Prevention Division:

Fire Prevention Officer: Lt Brian Belfiore

Assistant Fire Prevention Officers: Asst. Chief Kurt Ruchala, Capt Daniel Briscoe, Capt Joe Santapaola

To contact the Fire Prevention division, please send an email to To schedule an inspection, click here.