Groveland Fire Rescue provides non-transporting Emergency Medical Services (EMS) at the Basic Life Support Level. The department is a licensed Class 5 Non-transporting ambulance service through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. All firefighters are trained to at least the First Responder level. Currently, fifteen firefighters are certified to the EMT level. Groveland Fire Rescue is dispatched simultaneously with our contracted ambulance service, Trinity EMS. Almost always, the Fire Department arrives on scene 5-10 minutes before an ambulance. Our EMT’s perform initial patient assessment, treat any immediate life threatening illness and/or injury, and prepare the patient for transport. Dual response from the Fire Department with the ambulance decreases initial response times and allows for earlier patient treatment with better outcomes.

EMS vehicles carry epi pens, narcan, glucose and glucometers, aspirin, and albuterol. All EMS vehicles are outfitted with state of the art equipment, supplies, and medical bags. Medical operations have been synchronized between both fire stations to ensure the same quality of care is provided to all residents and visitors of Groveland. A quality improvement system is in place to review medical reports and ensure a high level of care is being provided by department personnel.