From left, Firefighter Jeff Dalton, Lt. Dave Evans, and Fire Chief Robert Valentine stand next to the new Engine 3, which was delivered by its manufacturer, Ferrara, last week. (Photo Courtesy Groveland Fire Department)

Chief Robert Valentine is pleased to announce that the Groveland Fire Department accepted delivery of the Town’s new Engine 3 and a mechanical chest compression system, thanks to grant funding from the American Rescue Plan Act.

The new Engine 3, built by Ferrara, was delivered late last week. It will be outfitted with gear. Firefighters will be trained to use it this week, and is expected to enter service in Town next week. It will replace an engine that has been in service since 1991. The engine will be housed in the South Station at 107 Washington St.

The mechanical chest compression device, known as Lucas, helps EMTs and paramedics provide life-saving CPR.

Both the engine and Lucas device were purchased with grant funds from the American Rescue Plan Act that were distributed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and earmarked for Groveland with assistance from state Sen. Bruce Tarr and state Rep. Lenny Mirra. 

“I want to thank Town Administrator Rebecca Oldham and the Board of Selectmen for their essential support as we sought to obtain this equipment without spending Groveland taxpayer dollars,” said Chief Valentine. “I also want to express the gratitude of the Groveland Fire Department to Rep. Mirra and Sen. Tarr, both of whom have always advocated strongly on behalf of our department.”

The new engine cost approximately $586,000, and the Lucas device cost approximately $17,000.

The Lucas device helps first responders by providing high-quality, consistent chest compressions to cardiac arrest patients. 

The new Engine 3 is equipped to serve as both a fire engine, providing water supply at fires and other emergency calls, and as a non-transport Basic Life Support ambulance.  The engine has all the same equipment as a Basic Life Support ambulance, but cannot transport patients. 

The new Engine 3 holds 1,000 gallons of water, and can pump up to 1,500 gallons of water per minute when hooked up to a fire hydrant or other water supply. It also carries 25 gallons of Class A foam, which penetrates flammable materials better than water.

“Approximately 60 percent of the calls fielded in recently years by the Groveland Fire Department are medical calls, and having an engine that is fully-equipped to serve as a BLS ambulance will enable us to get vital care to community members more quickly,” said Chief Valentine. “Combined with our new Lucas device, this grant funding has enabled the Groveland Fire Department to take a big step forward in ensuring the safety of community members.”

To learn more about the Lucas chest compression system, click here.

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Groveland Fire Department Receives New Fire Engine and Medical Equipment Thanks to Grant Funding